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The mission of Millionaire Mastermind Academy is to educate and support the growth of women-owned businesses, thereby strengthening their impact on the economy and mitigating the problems presented by poverty.

Millionaire Mastermind Academy addresses the barriers to economic mobility for women who have been systemically and historically underserved and excluded. Together, we aim to remove systemic barriers to accessing affordable capital, provide access to mentorship, and facilitate college-level business training for small businesses led by minority women.

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The Fall 2021 cohort of our Entrepreneur Accelerator Program and Real Estate Accelerator Program is now in session. Our next session will be offered in Spring 2022.



The Millionaire Mindset Academy Entrepreneur Accelerator Program is a 15-week program that trains minority, women entrepreneurs in nearly all industries through weekly college-level business courses, personal mentoring from experts, and networking.
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Millionaire Mastermind Academy partners with American Landmark to host the 15-week Real Estate Accelerator Program to equip and empower minority women to combat poverty through providing the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed in real estate and property management.


These monthly programs focus on the essential elements of starting and sustaining a successful business. The events allow participants to connect with and learn from major business stakeholders and network with other female entrepreneurs.

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In collaboration with our partners and sponsors, our goal is to create successful companies leading to more jobs, accelerate innovation and strengthen economic growth. With private and public partnerships, Millionaire Mastermind Academy amplifies opportunities and lowers barriers for female business owners of color. If your organization believes in joining our mission, let’s connect.

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