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The Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Award-Winning Entrepreneur  Dr. Trayham founded the Millionaire Mastermind Academy to facilitate the growth of women-owned businesses while supporting local economies and combating the threat of Poverty through entrepreneurship.

From a humble upbringing, Dr. Velma Trayham has personal experience in navigating adversity and building a successful career and multiple businesses from the ground up. Although her first few businesses failed and her family was poor, Velma learned from her mistakes. As a result, she launched several successful enterprises while helping other women start and scale businesses. From Poverty to a Global-Respected Business Woman paving the way for others!

The Millionaire Mastermind Started as a monthly meetup in Atlanta, Ga, with thirty women and has since grown to support thousands nationwide. Dr. Trayham shares her journey of failures and successes with entrepreneurs as an example of the realistic start many entrepreneurs experience when launching their businesses. She realized early on that systemic barriers were the exact reason she had to help others. So, through her calling and answering to God, she devoted her life to helping women out of Poverty through the Millionaire Mastermind Academy. Our work and impact have created Millions in Economic Impact and job opportunities across the country through Public and Private partnerships

Since its inception in 2017, the Millionaire Mastermind Academy has mentored over 8,000 individuals, awarded $200,000 in scholarships, and issued more than $50,000 in seed funding to aid black women entrepreneurs in building successful and sustainable business enterprises.

We have built a powerhouse group of mentors across various industries to provide top-tier programming, supplier diversity training, and business development education that is not offered in traditional schools or underserved communities.

We are one of few organizations that have structured mindset development and leadership. We actively form relationships with corporations that seek to show their social responsibility by fostering opportunities for minority women to become business owners. Our work results in a more inclusive environment that embraces diversity and encourages opportunities for women to create a promising future for themselves, their families, and the future generation of women.

Board Members

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy



CEO, American Landmark of Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Joe Lubeck

CEO, American Landmark

Area Leader, Truist; Founder, DEEZ Cosmetics of Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Erin Floyd

Area Leader, Truist Bank

Member of Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Cameron Robb

Senior Economic Development Consultant, Arizona Public Service

Founder & CEO, N-Ovate Business Solutions of Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Tye Hayes

Founder & CEO, N-Ovate Business Solutions

CEO, US Diversity Group; Real Estate Agent, 1st Class Real Estate of Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Toshia Posey

CEO, US Diversity Group; Real Estate Agent, 1st Class Real Estate

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Jennifer Cannizzaro

Founder & CEO, Mile 21 LLC