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Millionaire Mastermind Gathering

What started out as a monthly forum for mentorship turned into a full-fledged nonprofit. At MMA, we are happy to invite you every 3rd Monday of February, April, June, August, and October for our exciting and enriching gathering composed of:

  • Fireside Talk by Industry Leaders
  • Q & A Discussions
  • Networking with Niche Markets

Spring Session 2021

Applications for the Spring Session Starting March 1, 2021 are now open.

Millionaire Mastermind Curriculum

We designed a one-of-a-kind curriculum that caters to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs and aspiring young business startups. Currently, we are seeking funding for scholarship grants we intend to award to deserving university and college students in our entrepreneurial program.   

Explore our 12 modules

Module 1:  Developing a Mindset for Success
Module 2:  Defining Your Driving Vision and Values
Module 3:  Choosing the Right Business for You
Module 4:  Identifying Your Target Market and Your Niche
Module 5:  Deciding What You Offer and How
Module 6:  Setting Up the Essentials for Running Your Business
Module 7:  Branding Your Business
Module 8:  Choosing the Right Price
Module 9:  Setting Up an Effective Marketing Plan
Module 10:  Launching Your Business
Module 11:  Tracking Your Progress
Module 12:  Moving Forward

Millionaire Mastermind Entrepreneur Summit

We host the Millionaire Mastermind Entrepreneur Summit & Awards Luncheon Event in December each year to provide the perfect avenue for women-led businesses, startup founders, and budding entrepreneurs to connect with people who care about their entrepreneurship journey. Award-winning speakers, reputable company and bank execs, angel investors, and government representatives grace the event as dedicated stakeholders. They are rooting for you to succeed.

  • Access to Capital; This Program teaches critical financial and Banking basics such as keeping your business and personal finances separate, cash flow fundamentals, Growing Your Business, considerations when hiring employees and more. 
  • Entrepreneurship 101; Curious about what it takes to build a Multi-Million-Dollar business? This Program takes a deep dive into the topics of building a real business, improving business models, and the importance of business etiquette.
  • Youth Startup Lab;  MMA attracts and engages promising future entrepreneurs, students of colleges and universities, to provide education, training, mentorship, and empowerment. We harness the potential of our youth to assume leadership roles in their chosen business niche, become prolific influencers in their social circles and community to ignite the spirit of their fellow youth to join the entrepreneurial movement to overcome borders, boundaries, and barriers most especially poverty.


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