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“We rise by lifting others.” -Robert Ingersoll

There is no greater gift than to lend a hand to lift up another and help them live their best life.

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy does just that for women of color who dream of owning their own business and positively impacting their community.

Our mission to educate and support the growth of women-owned businesses that will help to strengthen the economy and ease the effects of poverty.

You can join us in this important work when you become a Champion for Growth.

Your gift of $250.00 or more will enlist you in our Circle of Champions. This is our annual donor recognition club that helps to provide the kind of resources women of color need to secure the funding and support necessary to launch a successful business.

With your gift, you will join an elite group of donors dedicated to helping women overcome the discriminatory barriers designed to make them fail and help achieve their dreams, contribute to their communities, and serve as role models for the next generation.

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy
The Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Gifts of $5,000 or more will give you permanent recognition as a member of the Circle. Donations may be made by check or through our website. We also accept pledges, provided they are paid within 12 months.

$5,000 and above

$1501 to $2,500

$699 to $1500

$250 to $699

Each donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
Thank you so much for your consideration.

This is a pivotal moment for us; we invite you to join as a leader in our work
Join our donor circle.

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