People ask me ALL the time what are the best business ideas to invest in. If I had to choose it would be Real Estate Investing. More and more women are seeking sound ways to improve their finances and make double digit returns. I’ll let you in on a little secret: while building my Marketing consulting firm I also built MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS by investing in real estate.

I started small, got myself a good team of contractors to take care of the property renovations and improvements and from there, I built a business model by Building Wealth, Income & Communities. Click this Link to find out how you can partner with us. Best part: you can do this while still working your main job so minimizing risk.

However, if you’re not big on real estate, in 2018 there’s a definite move away from businesses employing full-time in-house staff towards using Online Virtual Assistants instead. If you’ve got typing skills, a broadband connection and are good with figures and have organizational skills you can build your own business by taking on a pool of other PAs as you take on more and more clients.

Best part: you can do this from home with little capital required. A similarly successful model is Kids’ Enrichment Activities. As parents get busier and schools get more competitive, demand for teaching kids different skills is hot, whether that’s tutoring academic subjects, music, swimming, gymnastics, yoga, coding.

If you have a skill that can be easily taught to young students, you might already have a profitable business in the making! Again, you can build your own mini-empire taking on other tutors/instructors and accessing students through a website that you’ve built. No good at IT? Get in touch. We can build your brand and site for you super fast. []

If you’ve got a sense of fun, I highly recommend getting involved in Supplying Drones. Around 600,000 drones are expected to be in the air by 2018 for a variety of needs and there’s plenty of money to be made here if you’re first in line. Drones are being used at weddings and celebrations to capture stunning and unique images. Drones are also being used to monitor crops and for security needs. You can also sell drones to

millennials for the ultimate “selfie drone” shot without the need for a selfie- stick. Best bit: lots of potential growth in this area! Mobile Businesses have hit the forefront of the most profitable industries in 2018. Why? Because it’s all about SOLVING A PROBLEM for customers.

Some good examples include mobile auto repairs – mechanics that come to your house and fix your car at home. Mobile veterinary services – with a massive increase in pet ownership mobile vets are always busy. You don’t even need to be a vet to start this business, just invite vets to register with your website while you do the marketing and take a percentage. Some of the best mobile businesses also have an associated app that helps customers contact them instantly. Get in touch if you need more information about building apps [] Not sure if you’ve got what it takes to start a new business? 2018 can be your BEST YEAR YET with the right mindset.

I believe that the only person that holds you back is YOU. Begin the New Year STRONG and accepting that whatever life gave out to you in the past bears NO RELATION to what life can be like starting from tomorrow. Listen to your still, small voice and reach out for those Go Moments, the moments that are telling you to move yourself forward and kill the static in your life. Through one of my “Go Moments” God told me to write down a life guide which is now available on Amazon “When God Says: Turn Your Storms Into An Unshakable Relationship With God, Leaving It All Behind.” [LINK: Says-Unshakable- Relationship/dp/1548327271/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8]

Gift yourself some time over the holiday season to absorb my life guide and I guarantee you’ll feel inspired to commit to change whether that be in your personal life or starting a new business. God has firmly got your back, but He can’t do this without you!

It’s a partnership made in Heaven, right?